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Majestic by Yukii53 Majestic :iconyukii53:Yukii53 2 0 sunset panorama by Yukii53 sunset panorama :iconyukii53:Yukii53 3 1 tree on fire by Yukii53 tree on fire :iconyukii53:Yukii53 1 0 sun goes down by Yukii53 sun goes down :iconyukii53:Yukii53 3 4 cold path by Yukii53 cold path :iconyukii53:Yukii53 6 0 Oh my deer!!! by Yukii53 Oh my deer!!! :iconyukii53:Yukii53 2 0 Hello...?! by Yukii53 Hello...?! :iconyukii53:Yukii53 2 0 snowy overview by Yukii53 snowy overview :iconyukii53:Yukii53 0 0 Snowy winter day by Yukii53 Snowy winter day :iconyukii53:Yukii53 1 2 season's changing by Yukii53 season's changing :iconyukii53:Yukii53 5 2 misty morning by Yukii53 misty morning :iconyukii53:Yukii53 3 0 reach the sun by Yukii53 reach the sun :iconyukii53:Yukii53 7 3 small place to calm down by Yukii53 small place to calm down :iconyukii53:Yukii53 2 0 raven on a tree by Yukii53 raven on a tree :iconyukii53:Yukii53 1 0 green magic by Yukii53 green magic :iconyukii53:Yukii53 1 0 sunset in bavaria by Yukii53 sunset in bavaria :iconyukii53:Yukii53 2 0


Nightmare - Asahi Azumane X Reader insert

You lay next to him, soundlessly asleep while he, on contrast, twisted and turned. Sweat beads rolled down Asahi’s temple as the nightmare of being shut down attacked him mercilessly. The Iron Wall kept looming in front of his eyes, shut down his youth ambition, his own sense of self-worth. It was an illusion that he has overcome years ago, immune to it when he is awake but yet, still haunted by it in the dreamland.
Asahi jerked awake and tears rolled down his cheeks simultaneously. He shook his head frantically to clear off the image and muffled his sob as to not to wake you up. He felt ashamed of himself for being weak, for being a coward. He ran away from everything, away from his teammate and away from you. Never again would he want to experience it. That dreadful feeling of emptiness.
Asahi felt delicate arms snake around his toned torso. He sighed in contentment when he heard your voice:
-“What’s the matter, Asa
:iconbluebeauty3110:bluebeauty3110 4 0
Nike by Lain-AwakeAtNight Nike :iconlain-awakeatnight:Lain-AwakeAtNight 180 11
Bean Pole and Shortcake || Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Author’s Note: Just SOME SPOILERS if you didn’t finish watching or watched Haikyuu! Season 3, and some swears hehe AND CLICHENESS AND FLUFF (might be cringey to some)
[Y/N] = Your name
[H/C] = Hair color
[Y/F/S] = Your favorite sport
[Y/S/T] = Your skin tone (examples: dark, tan, creamy, fair, etc.)

“C’mon Kei! Stop being a whiny baby!!” You smacked said male lightly on the arm while continuing to drag him to the train station at 5:30am. “Tch. Where are we going [Y/N] that involves arriving at the train station so early in the stupid damn morning?!” To say the least that Tsukishima was annoyed, was a deep understatement. You rolled your eyes and blew a strand of hair out of your face. “It’s a surprise Trashyshima! Now hurry up before we miss the train!” You happily dragged Tsukishima towards the train that was starting to settle in. He looked at your hand that was engu
:iconawwfandoms:awwfandoms 27 0
Magic touch (Sosuke X Reader)
///// IT'S TUNA TIME!!!!! ///////     \o/
Warning you are about to read Suggestive Themes!
”Is it aching again?” You asked your boyfriend when you came back to the living room after finishing the dishes from dinner and saw Sosuke rub his shoulder again looking like he was quite uncomfortable with the feeling.
“Yeah. It’s been worse a couple of days now.” He said as he tried to massage his injured shoulder himself without making any progress.
With a small sigh you walked over to the sofa and made the quite tall male sit in front of you on the floor while you sat behind him and asked him to strip his shirt of, earning a telltale smirk from him when he took of his long sleeve revealing a toned torso that made you unconsciously bite your lover lip.
“If you wanted to see me shirtless all you had to do is ask.” Sosuke smirked making you blush and slap his better shoulder.
“Oh shut up Yamazaki if you want me to help you!”
:iconsesshofan:Sesshofan 475 27
Sweaters - Sosuke Yamazaki x Reader - Free!
{Name} huffed as she walked down the empty sidewalk. She wasn't to far from her boyfriends, Sosuke's dorm.
But at the moment she was freezing her ass off. She had decided to leave for Sosuke's right after school but not realizing how the temperature had dropped during the day. So, here she was. Walking down the cold street with nothing but her school uniform.
Which of course consisted of a simple plaid skirt sporting her school colors and a thin button up top.
"Stupid school.. Teeny tiny skirts.." She continued to mumble irritably under her breathe, until a certain building finally come into view. "Yes!" she picked up pace and made it to the door of the dorm building. Not before peaking in to make sure no teachers where in her way. After looking threw she stepped inside.
She could feel the warm air surround her. She let out a pleased sigh, yet she couldn't shake the faint cold she still felt. She walked up a few flights of stairs, lucky not seeing any other male students and finally ma
:iconstar4848:star4848 418 16
Smile *Haruka X Reader* Free! ISC
“Where are we going Gou chan?” You ask your good friend Kou with a teasing smile.
“It’s Kou!” She tells you.
You laugh. “I know. I was just teasing.”
“Right, well I’m taking you somewhere special.”
“You’ll see soon.”
The two of you walk around the corner and look down the next street. You can see the swimming pool coming into sight.
“Kou, are we going to the pool?”
Kou nods. “Have you ever watched the Iwatobi Swim Club in action?”
((In the pool area))
You sit with your feet in the water, watching Makoto, Rei, Haru, and Nagisa swim from one side of the pool to another again and again, each of them practicing their own unique stroke. You know them from school and have become pretty good friends since Kou introduced them to you a few weeks back. You continue to observe the boys silently when one of them catches your eye. The black haired boy, Haruka, has stopped his l
:iconxmaikowolfx:xMaikoWolfx 709 109
This Love ~ Sick!Makoto x Reader [Free!]
“Hey [Name], do you love me?” Your boyfriend Makoto unsurely asked.
You looked up from the soup you were making and frowned.
“Makoto, if I didn’t love you would I be here taking care of you..? Would I have even agreed to go out with you?” You sighed.
“I guess you wouldn’t..” He said dreamily.
Makoto was always worried that you’d leave him. You didn’t understand it. You huffed and turned back to your soup.  Makoto had caught the flu and since his family was out of town, you had come over to take care of him. You brought a spoon filled with broth up to your lips to taste the soup.
“Hot hot hot HOT!!” You yelled when it burned your tongue.
Makoto chuckled at your actions but soon began to cough. You rushed to his side with a glass of water which he quickly drank.
“Take it easy. Your soup will be done soon.” You said while pressing your hand to his forehead.‘Damn,’ you thought, ‘he still h
:icongfftfg:gfftfg 714 65
Diamonds by IndigoSummerr Diamonds :iconindigosummerr:IndigoSummerr 191 21
Bored - Haikyuu!! - Tsukishima x Reader
"{Name}, what are you doing?" A slightly irritated voice echoed through the now empty building. {Name} however just pouted and crossed her arms, still staring at her boyfriend. "Kei, When are we going! Im bored.." She whine plopping down on the stage that was against the far end of the gym.
He rolled his eyes at her response, "Soon. Once Yamaguchi returns with my bag we can go home. Goodness, your so impatient~" His teasing only worsened her mood. With a groan she threw herself back onto the floor of the stage (Which in hindsight wasn't a very good idea). "Let's just get it from him tomorrow Kei! I'm tired of waiting."
He shoved his hand into the pockets of his school pants and made his way over to her, a smirk working its way to his lips. She jumped at the sudden feeling of hands on her thighs. She looked up to see that smug face of his and narrowed her eyes.
She sat up to meet his gaze, "What are you doing?" He simply shrugged, the smirk never leaving his face. "What, I cant just be
:iconstar4848:star4848 288 10
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Tanaka x Reader)
Why? Tanaka Ryunosuke wondered, as he watched all the girls that surrounded Oikawa Tooru.
"Hey, Noya...I'm a cool guy, right?" he questioned his best friend.
"What kind of question is that?!" Noya asked. "You're the coolest guy I know...besides me, of course!"  Tanaka couldn't help but grin at the sheer confidence radiating off of Karasuno's libero.
As Noya went back to chatting with Hinata, Kageyama, and Asahi, Tanaka's grin slowly faded. "Then why aren't the girls interested in me?  Am I too intimidating?"
He had hoped at a party this size, with everyone dressed in their best, that at least one girl would want to talk to him...maybe even kiss him.  He had had several dreams that all the girls would find him so irresistible in his suit that he would leave the party covered in lipstick smears from volleyball club managers in Miyagi and Tokyo.
He loved to talk big and he and Noya imagined themselves quite the Romeos, "if only they could get a shot," b
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 327 51
Haikyuu!! Cheeks by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Cheeks :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 649 56 Haikyuu!! doodle 2 by PenguinFrontier Haikyuu!! doodle 2 :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 1,375 39
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Ushijima x Reader)
You were sad again.  Ushijima hated when you were sad because it meant you wouldn't play with him.  You wouldn't race bikes or set a volleyball or even play tag.  He hated that because you were the only kid left in the neighborhood who still played with him despite the fact that he always won.  He always won, but you kept accepting his challenges and you never gave up.  You were the only kid he could play with and still have any fun.
But when your parents couldn't get their arguments under control, sometimes being loud enough that Ushijima knew they were at it from his own house, and they got you upset, you wouldn't play.  Sometimes, you wouldn't even talk to him.  You would just sit behind your garden shed, picking at grass and not making eye contact.
He definitely hated it.
"Want to play spies?  Ninjas?  Tea?" he asked.  Though he cringed at mentioning the last option, he was still disappointed
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 407 96
Haikyuu!! Sleepyhead by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Sleepyhead :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 473 51
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Daichi x Reader)
*Some mild angst-y sadness that you might not be interested in with this series*
Earlier that evening, Daichi Sawamura had overheard Coach Ukai and Mr. Takeda talking about being low on snacks and needing to go get more to last through the rest of the party. Always one to step up and help out, Daichi had insisted that he and his friends Suga and Asahi be the ones to run to the nearest open convenience store.
On the way there, the three boys talked about their plans again, now that they had graduated and would be headed separate directions in life. They were as ready as they were going to get, but they didn't stay on the subject too long because Asahi always became a little teary-eyed.
Grabbing bags full of snacks, the friends started walking back to the party. Laughing heartily at one of Suga's jokes, Daichi barely had time to register the (h/c) streak before someone barreled into him and the pair rolled a little down the sloped path.
"Ow! Ow! Ow!" came the voice beneath him.
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 383 76
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Kenma x Reader)
Kenma wasn't sure how Kuroo had convinced him to come to this party.  This was exactly the type of event that made the young blond boy cringe.
It had been a banner year for the volleyball club from Karasuno High School.  Their coach, Ukai had decided to throw a huge end of the year party for all of the volleyball teams in their region, and Mr. Takeda had invited the teams from Tokyo that had been at training camp with them, as well.  Everyone Kenma considered a friend was there, but so were dozens of others he didn't know and had no intention of meeting.  His social anxiety ate at him before the day even arrived.
The players and managers and various guests were dressed quite nicely, but Kenma felt ridiculous in a suit.  He would have rather been in their uniforms than these, but Kuroo insisted.  It made him even more self-conscious than normal...afraid people would comment to him about it...laugh at him for looking foolish...never mind the fact that e
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 422 50


Favourite genre of music: ALL!!! from classic to metal :P (except lady gaga & Co)
Favourite style of art: i think Manga-Style
  • Watching: Street Dance 2
  • Eating: Ice, 'cause it's freaking hot
So I've been absent for a freaking long time (2 years *ehm*)
Well, now I try to be more active again, just like I've been on Tumblr ^^'
I hope not just my English improved, also my "art-skills", and that you guys are still with me ;)

Have a nice day!!! :D


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